Springfield tax levy back on the ballot after failing in November

The City of Springfield said emergency services will suffer if voters don't get on board. (WKEF/WRGT)

SPRINGFIELD, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) - A once failed income tax levy will once again be back on the ballot.

The City of Springfield said emergency services will suffer if voters don't get on board.

In the Ridgewood neighborhood, residents are noticing an uptick in crime as the drug epidemic grows.

“There's been a spike in the number of break ins,” Michael Morris said.

Morris lives in the neighborhood and is now more vigilant, but has noticed police patrols are down since the November election.

The city's income tax levy failed -- by less than a hundred votes.

“I don't like paying taxes any more than the next guy, but I see the benefit in it,” Morris said.

Now they're at it again. The city's proposal would cost people with an income of $30,000 an extra $10 per month.

“This is a make or break moment for the city,” Assistant Fire Chief Brian Miller said.

Times are tight, and Miller said the fire department had to close a station after the election. Police did the same.

More cuts will likely follow, if voters say no again.

“We've already seen an increase in response times and further cuts will have a deeper impact on the city,” Miller said.

If the levy passes, the city will reopen both stations and add police officers to the force.

They will also invest in safety equipment and dedicate $2 million to improving neighborhood streets.

The November levy only failed by less than 100 votes. Some voters still aren’t on board with the city’s plan, cringing at the idea of more taxes.

Michael worries about what will happen if the levy fails.

“I hope that those who did not vote for it will have a change of heart and see the need is really there,” Morris said.

Springfield’s income tax levy will be on the May 2 ballot.

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