Local school districts put out alerts about alleged threat to "SHS" on social media

(Photo: Pixabay, via MGN Online)

MIAMI VALLEY, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) - Several school districts in the Miami Valley are sending out alerts to parents after an apparent school shooting threat began circulating on social media about "SHS".

In a OneCall to parents, Mad River Local School officials said there was no guarantee that SHS means Stebbins, but that they are taking all threats seriously. Riverside Police confirmed they're investigating it, and put up a post on their social media that they are working to locate the origin, but said the naming of "SHS" has no credible link to Stebbins. They did say they will have an increased presence at Stebbins on Thursday.

Springfield City School District said they're working with the Springfield Division of Police who are actively investigating it, but that they have evidence that the original post that started the incident was hoaxed. Springfield Police Chief Graf said in a Facebook post that they are working with officials to track down the origins of the post, and if they locate the source, that person will be arrested, charged and prosecuted.

Sidney Police and the Shelby County Sheriff's Department also investigated the threat, according to the district, and determined that it came from outside Ohio. There will be increased law enforcement personnel throughout the district on Thursday, and First Responder Teams have been made aware of the issue.

Sidney Schools Superintendent John Scheu, says the district is taking the threat very seriously and law enforcement is investigating. Scheu also echoed what other districts are saying, that the original post was a hoax. Scheu sent out emails and a one call to all parents.

Springboro Police also notified parents that they were investigating the threat, and said the School Resource Officers and administrative team have been working with the Springboro Police Department has determined that it is not a credible threat. They also said their investigation showed the post originated outside of Ohio, and that Springfield and Springboro Police teamed up for the investigation.

No schools are delaying or canceling classes.

The response hasn't just been within the Miami Valley. Sidney, Nebraska Police also said they investigated the same threat after an image of the alleged threat was sent to them as well.

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