Special Report: Inside look at training in Ohio to spot victims of human trafficking

(Photo: MGN)

(WRGT) - If you saw a victim of human trafficking, would you know the indicators to look for?

In a special report you'll only see on FOX45 News at 10 this week, we ride along with the Ohio Investigative Unit that's training agents on what to look for and how to save victims, "it's not someting that's happening in some other country or some other state, it is happening here," said Adam Johnson with the Ohio Investigative Unit out of Cincinnati.

While Johnson says the pubic is more aware of human trafficking and understanding it, it's still happening.

In a report you'll only see Wednesday, May 16, at 10 p.m., our Shavon Anderson gets an inside look at what agents are learning and the areas they're targeting, "bars, truck stops, hotels, really, it's a mobile type crime."

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