Sources: Positive performance review of DPS superintendent was third draft

Sources: Positive performance review of DPS Superintendent Rhonda Corr was third draft (WKEF/WRGT)

DAYTON, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) - Sources confirmed to FOX 45 that Dayton Public Schools Superintendent Rhonda Corr's positive performance review dated October 3, 2017, was a third draft.

Two school board members confirmed two prior versions of the review were negative on Corr's performance, but they said board leadership ordered changes making the review more positive to make the district look better.

Corr's lawyers based her defense against shocking allegations at a press conference Wednesday, on that so-called glowing review.

Corr's attorneys say the allegations are "politically motivated," including that she lied on federal documents, cursed at employees, fell asleep on the job, and collected death benefits on a secret domestic partner.

"We don't believe it's coming from Rhonda's performance and we don't believe it's coming from the students of the Dayton Public School system who have materially benefited from her behavior over the last year and a half," said John Paul Rion, the attorney Corr has hired to represent her interests.

Corr is currently on paid administrative leave, while the accusations are investigated.

A disciplinary hearing is scheduled for December 13.

Meantime a state lawmaker is sounding off about what the Dayton Public School board should re-evaluate moving forward.

"I know this is a concern," said State Representative Jeff Rezabek, who's 43rd district covers part of the Dayton Public Schools system.

"What we have to have is effective leadership whether it’s within the school board, the administration, or even at the individual school level," Rezabek said.

One of the accusations Dayton Public Schools has brought against Corr, is that she gave false information by marking single on her W-4 tax form, when she was legally married to someone else.

That's what led, according to district legal documents, to Corr lobbying the district for death benefits on an already ill domestic partner who she was not married to.

The same district documents said they "had no prior information concerning [Corr's] marriage."

FOX 45 reporter Kelly May asked Rezabek if he thinks any important checks were missed in looking into Corr's past.

"Is the board doing a good job with who they're hiring and what they're watching?" May asked.

"I think what's gotta happen is there's allegations," Rezabek said, "If the process was wrong it clearly needs to be corrected, and if that was someone's job that also needs to be looked at as to why that process failed."

Corr is also accused of racial harassment, cursing at district employees, sleeping during crucial teacher contract negotiations, and missing work days.

As for why Corr's final performance review was positive, board member Joe Lacey told Fox 45, "This year the process was 7 board members got together, and hashed out what they wanted the evaluation to look at, and I think overall the board wanted to applaud the direction of the district."

"When we look at these situations take a breath, there’s a system a process that goes forward. Let that take place," Rep. Rezabek said.

Rezabek also said above all he wants the district to get back to quality leadership standards.

"Make that determination of where those mistakes were made, if there were any made, and reevaluate that and come up with a better system and a better process."

FOX 45 is working to get physical copies of the two drafts of Corr's performance review.

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