Late night snow may make roads dangerous for drivers in the Miami Valley

Snow blanketing the Miami Valley makes roads dangerous for drivers (WKEF/WRGT)

MIAMI VALLEY, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) - The snow is making it dangerous to drive for many in the Miami Valley.

It's hard not to be nervous behind the wheel in conditions like these.

“Everyone needs to go home and be safe tonight,” Lily Zammit said.

Zammig is stopping to get gas, after canceling plans with a friend.

“Something told me to stay home anyways so this just confirmed it,” Zammit said.

Roads throughout the region are coated. The cold, wet snow is making it hard for cars to get traction.

Traffic on I-75 is crawling. From Sydney to Springboro, drivers are on edge.

In Dayton, 42 plows are on the roads, dropping saltine trying to keep up.

“Give us room to do our work and will give you safe passage to whatever you got to go,” Dayton Public Works Director Fred Stovall said.

Stovall says the fleet will be out all night, plowing main roads and highways. Saturday they'll hit neighborhoods.

“We won't plow the residential streets but we will put salt down as people try to travel this holiday,” Stovall said.

Salt only does so much. The roads are still slick and drivers need to think twice before heading out.

“Some people been driving fast, it makes me nervous, I prefer everybody to just go at a nice slow pace so we can all be safe,” Zammit said.

Zammit just hopes the headaches don't continue into the morning.

“I actually have to leave for work at 5 am for my job, so I’m hoping they do and I won't have any troubles,” Zammit said.

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