School officials speak out as a Miamisburg teacher faces sex charges involving a student

School officials speak out as a Miamisburg teacher faces sex charges involving a student.

MIAMISBURG, Ohio (WRGT/WKEF) -- Miamisburg school administrators are speaking after one of their teachers is charged with having a relationship with a student.

Allegations began as students left for summer break. On the last day of school a teacher came to administrators, and said a 14-year-old boy claimed to have a sexual relationship with a teacher.

“We did our own little, quick investigation at that point,” Miamisburg Superintendent Dr. David Vail said.

Vail placed Jessica Langford on administrative leave. The math teacher, who had been with the school for 9 years, resigned.

“Because of that fact we were mandated to report it to the Ohio Department of Education,” Vail said.

The 32-year-old was indicted on sexual battery charges, and became the second local teacher this week to be suspected of having a relationship with a student.

“You'd certainly think that when it does hit the news, that someone would say “I shouldn't don't do that,” but it doesn't occur to them,” Vail said.

Langford’s personnel file did not show anything. When asked about reports from parents, Vail said they did not receive any to this extent.

Vail reached out to Kettering Superintendent Scott Inskeep for advice. A substitute teacher in his District was recently charged with similar crimes. It begs the question, is this increasing? FOX45 asked state Senator Peggy Lehner who chairs the Senate Education Committee.

“Is that activity increasing, or is it just sort of out in the open right now because one person hears about another situation, and it becomes a lot of me too,” Senator Lehner said of people gaining the courage to speak up.

The school district is counseling students after the incident, but it may occur across multiple schools as students last year may have moved on to the high school.

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