Salar Restaurant nears re-opening date after New Year's weekend fire

    Salar Restaurant nears re-opening date after New Year's Weekend fire. (WRGT/WKEF)

    DAYTON, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) -- On New Year’s Eve Weekend, a fire ripped through a historic building in the Oregon District, putting businesses out of work, including Salar Restaurant. Now months later, the Dayton hot spot is nearing a re-open date.

    “It feels like it was yesterday, and such a long time ago,” Salar General Manager Meg Shaw said.

    The New Year’s weekend inferno scorched through parts of the restaurant, and damaged multiple businesses and office spaces above.

    “New Year’s actually was about to be our biggest New Year’s yet,” Shaw said.

    “You see your building burning on TV, you're like, “Oh my God!” building owner Adil Baguirov said.

    He told FOX 45 that the historic property was built in 1901. The Dayton Fire Chief told him that with age comes strength,

    “It has brick and it has real wood, really strong oak that it was able to withstand the fire because it just doesn't burn,” Baguirov said.

    It rejected the flames, while absorbing the heavy smoke.

    “Every single crevasse had to be washed, cleaned, and soda blasted,” Baguirov said.

    “For Margot [Blondet] this was really like losing her baby,” Shaw said of Salar owner Margot Blondet, “We took that time to grieve, and she has been moving forward full force.”

    Work continues, with an opening expected this summer. No date has been set, but it could possibly be in July.

    “We've got a pergola that's going in the back, the inside is going to be completely freshened up,” Shaw said.

    Two other tenants will be back next month, and all the seven tenants effected in the building are choosing to return.

    “She had put so much time into that space,” Shaw said of Blondet.

    Right now, the restaurant plans to re-open with a week-long affair culminating in a grand opening. Shaw said those plans are still being discussed, but the grand opening is expected to be on a Saturday.

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