Riverside PD reminding everyone to be safe when buying items online

Riverside PD reminding everyone to be safe when buying items online (WKEF/WRGT)

RIVERSIDE, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) - Internet sales sites like Offer Up, Let Go and Craig’s List are popular, but police say they could put you at risk.

"People either getting ripped off, victims of theft, or even armed robberies," Riverside Police Major Matthew Sturgeon said.

Bryan Eisen, 31, was just arrested by Riverside Police during a sting. He's accused of stealing tires then selling them on Let Go.

The department said in a Facebook post that the suspect is a convicted felon and on probation.

"The gentleman that was doing this was grabbing the money and running," Sturgeon said. "So it was border line between a theft and a strong armed robbery."

Police found the stolen tires on the Let Go app and set up a sting to catch him in the act.

“When you’re buying anything online all these different apps are great. But it’s very important to meet in a public spot," added Major Sturgeon.

Police say it can be difficult to tell if the items you're buying are stolen or not, or if who you're buying from is reliable, which makes police stations the safest meet-up spots.

With security cameras always rolling and police a step away, keep in mind when making internet-sale exchanges, do it at a police station.

Riverside, Dayton and Franklin all have designated spots where you can make that exchange.

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