Push for tougher vicious dog penalties after man is mauled to death

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DAYTON (WKEF/WRGT) -- Dayton Police say an innocent passerby was mauled to death by a dog early Tuesday morning.

The Montgomery county coroner's office has identified the victim as 60-year-old Maurice Brown of Central Avenue in Dayton.

Dayton Police Department the pitbull broke loose from the train and may have been hungry when it attacked.

It happened in an alley near the 300 block of Middle Street.

Police shot and killed the pit on scene and took three more dogs to the Animal Resource Center, where investigators say they are working to identify the dogs owners and any appropriate charges relating to the death.

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A 911 caller reported hearing the victim screaming for help and dogs barking.

It's not the first fatal dog mauling, Klonda Richey was attacked by two dogs and killed in February 2014.

After Richey's death, local lawmakers pushed for state reform to hold owners accountable for their vicious dogs.

"Unfortunately no one hurt on the screen, but I'm sure that person to hurt them scream, that's going to be with them forever," said Greta Parks on E. Bruce St. in Dayton.

Parks said Tuesdays mauling scene would be all too familiar for she and her neighbors, as she came home to the aftermath of Richey's death across the street.

"The poor lady's body laid out there in the street for hours," Parks said.

"If stiffer penalties will scare owners in to be more responsible and I think that's great," said state Senator Bill Beagle on the phone with Fox 45 from Columbus.

Beagle pushed for the Klonda Richey Act after her death, that would allow law enforcement and prosecutors to pursue charges holding dog owners accountable during such tragedies.

The owners of the dog that killed Richey could only be charged with misdemeanors.

The act passed the Ohio Senate but failed to make it to the house during the 2016 general assembly.

Beagle said the bill has since been re-drafted with some minor tweaks, and he plans to reintroduce it in the coming weeks, with the death of Maurice Brown in mind.

"it was a horrible, horrible day," Parks said back on East Bruce Street.

Parks said she hopes lawmakers are aggressive to pass the Klonda Richey act named after her neighbor.

Dayton police said during a press conference, that the death of Maurice Brown may have been preventable.

"What's it going to take? And I know it's not the dog I know it's the owners, but somebody has to pay," Parks said.

Next in the case, Dayton investigators will work to identify the owners of the dogs, if they were registered, and if any charges should be handed down.

Stay with Fox 45 as the Klonda Richey Act is reintroduced.

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