Project DAWN to Teach Class for Families of Addicts

DAYTON -- A new initiative launches Monday to help save those at risk of opiate overdoses.

The Dayton Police Department, along with East End Community Services, and Samaritan Health are offering a training class on Monday as part of Project DAWN.

DAWN stands for Death Avoidance with Naloxone.

Naloxone is commonly known as Narcan -- a prescription drug that helps reverse the effects of certain drugs -- like heroin.

"Our goal is to reduce deaths, reduce opiate use, and opiate related crimes. But, if you can't save their life first, it's tough to do," said Major Brian Johns with the Dayton Police Department, "

Family and friends are encouraged to attend the class -- that will train loved ones how to recognize opiate overdoses, and how to treat them.

Project DAWN will give kits with Naloxone to families and friends of those struggling with addiction. The kit will contain a nasal injection that acts much like an inhaler.

The class will be at 5:30 p.m. Monday at East End Community Center at 624 Xenia Avenue.

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