Premier Health and UnitedHealthcare reach new multi-year agreement

(File photo: WKEF/WRGT)

DAYTON, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) - Premier Health and UnitedHealthcare have come to a new agreement they say will ensure people in southwest Ohio will have access to Premier Health's facilities and physicians.

The multi-year agreement gives access to Premier Health's doctors and facilities for Medicare Advantage plans, it also restores access to commercial plans as of January 1.

According to Premier and UnitedHealthcare, the agreement benefits nearly 200,000 people. "We are very happy to have found common ground and a way that Premier Health and UnitedHealthcare can work collaboratively to extend quality, patient-centered care in our communities," said Mary Boosalis, president and CEO of Premier Health. Boosalis went on say Premier is excited to work with UnitedHealthcare to serve the community.

"Our priority is ensuring people we serve have access to quality, cost effective health care," Kurt Lewis, CEO of UnitedHealthcare to Ohio said.

Earlier in 2017, Premier Health and UnitedHealthcare failed to reach an agreement, meaning all Premier Health hospitals and doctors were out of network for 70,000 people with individual and employee sponsored insurance plans, as well as medicaid coverage.

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