Police identify the three adults, two children killed in a crash in Cold Spring

    Family of 4, including 2 children, killed in a Corolla. One person killed, one hurt in the Taurus (WKRC)

    COLD SPRING, Ky. (WKRC) - Cold Spring Police have identified the five people killed in a crash Tuesday evening. They include two victims under two years old.

    Cold Spring Police say they have no idea why a driver crossed the center line killing his entire family and a passenger in another car. The lone survivor is fighting for his life.

    Police say Brandon Lawson, 23, was driving a silver Toyota Corolla northbound on Alexandria Pike Tuesday at 4:37 p.m. when he lost control and crossed the median near Low Gap Road. The Corolla was hit by a gold Ford Taurus. Police say the Taurus couldn't avoid the collision.

    Lawson, Taylor Koch, 22, and their children Brendan Lawson, 21 months, and Isabella Lawson, six months were all killed.

    A passenger in the Taurus, Sharon Groves, was killed. The driver of the Taurus, Russell Groves, was taken by medical helicopter to UC Medical Center. He's in stable but critical condition. A family member tells me the 83-year-old has internal bleeding and a lot of broken bones.

    Sharon Groves' brother tells Local 12 that she and her husband were headed home after getting chemo for lung cancer. It was her next to last treatment.

    A third vehicle, a Ford Focus, hit the front fender of the Corolla after the initial crash. No one was hurt in that vehicle.

    The big question Cold Spring Police can't answer now is "why."

    "It's very difficult especially when you add in the fact it's undetermined why it happened. Sometimes you can put your finger on it. But in this case we may never know, we may never be able to do that and it makes it even harder." Steve Collinsworth, Cold Spring Police Chief said they're doing toxicology tests and checking on if Brandon Lawson who was driving the Corolla had a medical problem. Speed was *not* a factor. Collinsworth says, "the marked team will be looking at the vehicle and everything involved to see if there's anything mechanical. Continue to talk to witness to see why they crossed over."

    Cold Spring Police say they have no idea how the collision happened. Cold Spring Police Chief Steve Collinsworth said a team is looking into whether a mechanical issue is at fault. They're also talking to witnesses, and there will be a toxicology report on Brandon, who was driving, to see if he had a medical issue.

    Everyone involved in the accident was wearing a seatbelt, and the babies were in car seats. Speed is not considered a factor.

    Cold Spring says there have been a few other accidents along that stretch of highway. Right now, there are no plans to install a barrier in between the 4 lanes.

    Unbelievably, the family of four that died is connected to another Northern Kentucky family that was killed in a car crash.

    Taylor Koch’s biological mom is from the Pollitt family.

    In October, Rodney Pollitt his girlfriend and their 3 children died in a head on crash.

    Daniel Greis is charged with five counts of murder.

    Police and the Campbell County Major Accident Reconstruction Team continue to investigate the crash. They're asking anyone who saw the crash but hasn't spoken to them yet call (859) 441-6289.

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