Police: Centerville man tries to set house on fire with kids inside

    Ray L. Eades, 30, is in custody at the Montgomery County Jail on two charges of Attempted Murder, two charges of Aggravated Arson and two counts of Endangering Children. (Photo: Montgomery Co. Jail)

    DAYTON , Ohio (WRGT/WKEF)- A Centerville father was in jail charged with attempted murder of his two children.

    Ray Eades was also facing aggravated arson charges.

    Police said he set fire to their home.

    Fox 45 talked to his wife who called police from out of state.

    His wife talked off camera at their house.

    They've been married 10 years.

    She told him she wanted a divorce and that allegedly set him off.

    Eades was arrested yesterday after getting out of the hospital then went to jail.

    The man sitting behind bars is 30-year-old Ray Eades.

    His Air Force wife stationed in Montana called Centerville police after an argument with her husband on the phone.

    "I'm really concerned about him and my children, he's made some threats." said the wife to the police dispatcher.

    "OK, what kind of threats?" asked the dispatcher.

    "Um, he talked about killing himself and the children," said the wife.

    "Is that him screaming in the background?" asked the dispatcher.

    "Yes," said the wife.

    Police said they got that call Sunday night to do a welfare check on the two children inside the home. When they got there, Eades wouldn't let them in.

    "He was uncooperative, it was obvious there was something wrong with the situation," said Centerville Police Department Public Information Officer John Davis.

    Neighbor Kimberly Sutherland saw lots of first responders and spoke to a paramedic.

    "He just said there was a grill that was set on fire in the basement and the children were out," said neighbor Kimberly Sutherland.

    "The resident had actually lit a fire inside the home with the intention of harming himself and the two children," said Davis.

    "Clearly someone there is not stable if you want to take the life of yourself or your children," said Sutherland.

    Sutherland said it's a good thing the mom called police even though she's was on the other side of the country.

    "Good for her for reacting that way and doing what she needed to do to save her kids," said Sutherland.

    The children were treated and released from the hospital.

    Fox 45 saw them today with their mom playing and having fun.

    Their dad was in court today on two counts each of attempted murder, aggravated arson and child endangering charges.

    His bond was set at $600,000 cash.


    CENTERVILLE, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) - A Centerville man is in jail on multiple charges including attempted murder after police say he tried to light his house on fire with his children inside.

    Ray L. Eades, 30, is in custody at the Montgomery County Jail on two charges of Attempted Murder, two charges of Aggravated Arson and two counts of Endangering Children.

    According to Centerville Police, officers were called to Eades' home on Bradstreet Road just after 10 p.m. Sunday, September 23. Eades' wife called 911 telling dispatchers she was not at home at the time, she's in the military and is several states away. Eades' wife said he'd received news earlier in the day he wasn't taking well, while on the phone with him, she told the dispatcher "he talked about killing himself and the children."

    Police say Eades did not cooperate with officers when they arrived on scene and locked the doors to his home. Officers ended up getting Eades into custody and getting the children into custody after they were checked out at a local hospital.

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