One year after viral overdose photo, Ohio man gets clean

One year after viral overdose photo, Ohio man gets clean (Photo: East Liverpool Police/Facebook)

EAST LIVERPOOL, Ohio - It has been one year since a photo of two grandparents slumped over in their vehicle from an overdose, with a little boy in the backseat, went viral.

The shocking photo was taken by a police officer and then posted on the department's Facebook page. While the photo sparked a heated debate on whether it should have been posted, the department says it's paid off.

In 2016, the small town reported 12 overdoses, so far this year there have only been two reported overdoses. James Acord and his girlfriend Rhonda Pasek were the couple pictured, they were both sentenced to jail time. Acord has used the sentence to get clean. Josh Lytel of Family Care Ministries said he won't forget the conversation he had with Acord, "I remember with him looking at me with these tears in his eyes and it wasn't a sadness this time, he said, Josh I know I'm incarcerated, I know I've got to go back in this cell but I've never been more free in my life."

The department also received $50,000 in grants to help addicts get clean after they're arrested.

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