One Bistro offers a place to belong

One Bistro is Miamisburg gives its customers a hand up, not a hand out. (WRGT)

SOMEONE YOU SHOULD KNOW: A full heart and a full belly. That's what a Miamisburg restaurant says you'll leave with after eating there.

It's what makes One Bistro different than your typical dining experience. And that's why it and the people who work there are Someone You Should Know.

“I like meeting new people and socializing,” Josh Schmidt said. Schmidt is one of many volunteers at One Bistro.

Schmidt said he is giving back to a place that has given him so much.

“Today I'm hosting and serving drinks,” Schmidt said.

“It really is more than a meal,” said Debra Lindholm, the manager of the Miamisburg location of One Bistro. “There's a lot of good stuff that goes on here.”

That good stuff doesn't end with the food prepared with the utmost care.

“We ask people if they don't have enough for a meal to give an hour of their time because we believe in a hand up, not just a hand out,” Lindholm said.

This year, the restaurant has given more than 6,000 complimentary meals to people who can't afford it. They then give back through volunteering their time.

And Lindholm says each person has a different story.

“We have moms who come in especially during the summertime because the kids don't have the meals at school. So they need a lunch. ‘Can I work an hour and bring some pizzas home to the boys?’ Of course you can,” Lindholm said.

Debra Pirtle is one of those stories, too. When she first came here three years ago she needed a helping hand. Now she's the one giving back

“And hopefully someone will get out of it what I did,” Pirtle said. “This is the one place where they can come in, eat a meal and no one is going to judge them for what they do, what they say or whatever. They just love them for being human.”

It’s a friendly place that those who eat here say always keeps you smiling.

“So many people come in here because they want a listening ear. They want a place to belong. They want someone who cares. And they find that here,” Lindholm said.

It’s a common table built on togetherness and love.

For more information about One Bistro check out this link:

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