OHSAA will not appeal judge's decision; Dunbar will play Fenwick Wednesday

OHSAA will not appeal judge's decision; Dunbar will play Fenwick Wednesday (WKEF/WRGT)

The Ohio High School Athletic Association will not appeal a judge’s decision to let Dunbar play in the state playoffs.

Tuesday a judge ruled OHSAA made a mistake penalizing varsity players for a massive brawl at a JV game.

The crux of the case centered around one player and whether or not he left the bench during the january fight.

OHSAA argues he did, DPS says video couldn't prove it and the judge agreed.

Acting Superintendent Elizabeth Lolli is happy with the decision.

“We feel the Dunbar basketball team deserves an opportunity to continue in tournament play, so we are very pleased we were able to support them and that they're going to play in the tournament,” Lolli said.

OHSAA released a statement following the decision.

“The OHSAA is disappointed in the outcome of the court’s decision today, but will not pursue an appeal. Despite the court’s decision to allow Dunbar High School back into the tournament, it is clear that violations of OHSAA regulations took place and in the aftermath of the incident there was a lack of administrative responsibility from the highest levels of Dayton Public Schools.”

Lolli says the district has plans to address issues surrounding the January fight.

“Those students that stepped off the bench while that was occurring is something we will deal with internally,” Lolli said.

Dunbar will play Bishop Fenwick Wednesday at UD Arena. The game is scheduled for 9:30pm.

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