Ohio to pay doctors to spend more time with you


COLUMBUS (WRGT) -- Gov. John Kasich signed a plan to pay your primary care doctor more money.

The hope is to create a better experience and lower healthcare costs down the road.

Insurance programs believe this program will pay for value rather than volume.

Ohio's new Comprehensive Primary Care Program is designed to pay doctors more to spend extra time with you.

The new program will be fully implemented by 2018. The state will invest $60 million a year.

CareSource leaders say this is an innovative approach geared toward preventative care.

"If we can prevent disease from happening or chronic conditions or someone having a heart attack by leading healthier lives, that's going to benefit the whole system," Steve Ringel, Caresource Ohio Market President said.

Doctors will get an average of $4 per patient, every month.

Ohio's four largest private health insurance companies, plus Medicaid and Medicare are all participating.

The program starts Jan. 1, 2017.

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