Ohio Gubernatorial Race: Candidate Tracker

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In 2018, Ohio will elect its next governor. The following candidates have announced they are running for the spot. The primary will take place May 8th, 2018.


Senator Joe Schiavoni/Stephanie Dodd

BACKGROUND: Senator Schiavoni is currently an Ohio Senator representing the 33rd Senate district. He is also the Senate Minority Leader; elected by his colleagues in 2013. Senator Shiavoni was first appointed to fill the vacant Senate seat in 2008. In 2010, he was elected to a full, four year term then re-elected in 2014. Prior to the election, he worked as a lawyer representing injured workers at the law firm Schiavoni, Schiavoni, Bush and Muldowney.


Justice Bill O'Neill/Chantelle C. Lewis

Supreme Court Jusice Bill O'Neill launched a run for Ohio Governor in October at an event in Cleveland.


Richard Cordray and Betty Sutton

BACKGROUND: Riachard Cordray announced his candidacy on December 5, 2017. Cordray is a former Ohio Attorney General and Treasurer. He is also known as a 'consumer watchdog' having worked as a director of the Consumer Protection Bureau.


Dennis Kucinich/Tara L. Samples

BACKGROUND: The 71-year-old Democrat, who twice ran for president, said he wants to make Ohio's government "subject to the power of 'We the People.'"


Larry E. Ealy/Jeffrey Lynn

No background information was immediately available.


Jonathan Heavey/Adam Hudak

No background information was immediately available.


Paul E. Ray/Jerry M. Schroeder

No background information was immediately available.



Attorney General Mike DeWine and Secretary of State Jon Husted

BACKGROUND: Attorney General Mike DeWine announced his candidacy Sunday, June 25 from his hometown of Cedarville, Ohio. DeWine is currently serving in his second term as Ohio Attorney General. DeWine's political career started in 1981 when he was elected to the Ohio Senate, representing Ohio's 10th district. In 1983, he served in the house, in Ohio's 7th district until 1991 when he became the 59th Lieutenant Governor under former Governor George Voinovich. Later, in 1995, he was elected US Senator, where he served until 2007. He beecame Attorney General in 2011.

He is running for Governor alongside Secretary of State Jon Husted.

BACKGROUND: Jon Husted is currently Ohio's Secretary of State. He was first elected in 2010 then was re-elected in 2014. Secretary Husted is a former State Representative and a former Ohio Speaker of the House. Prior to beginning public service, he worked with the Dayton-Area Chamber of Commerce and was its Vice President for Economic Development. Secretary Husted is also a graduate of the University of Dayton.

He is Attorney General Mike DeWine's running mate as a candidate for Lieutenant Governor.


Lieutenant Governor Mary Taylor/Nathan D. Estruth

BACKGROUND: Mary Taylor is currently Ohio's Lieutenant Governor. She was appointed leader of Ohio's CSI Ohio (The "Common Sense Initiative") and previously served as the Director of the Ohio Department of Insurance. Taylor is also a former Auditor of State, elected in 2006.



Constance Gadell-Newton/Brett R. Joseph

BACKGROUND: Constance is an Attorney and Guardian ad Litem in private practice in the Franklin County Courts, and works as a Guardian and Attorney for teenage victims of human trafficking in the juvenile system.


More candidates are expected to join the race as we move closer to next year's primary. This page will be updated.

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