Ohio bill would cut funding to cities that use traffic cameras

(Photo: WKEF/WRGT)

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) - An Ohio lawmaker wants to test the theory that traffic cameras are meant to prevent crashes and not boost municipal budgets by cutting funding to cities that use them.

State Rep. Bill Seitz has introduced a bill that would negate the extra revenue a city earns from traffic cameras by deducting the same amount from its state funding.

The Cincinnati Republican tells it would test the assertion that the cameras "are all about safety."


Kent Scarrett, executive director of the Ohio Municipal League, says the bill is a "gotcha" that could tie the hands of cities and towns with limited law enforcement resources.

The Supreme Court earlier this year struck down a state law imposing restrictions on speed and red light camera use, saying they interfered with local authority.

FOX 45's Christian Hauser first investigated this bill in early October. You can read his exclusive report here.

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