Ohio authorities looking for 2 pit bulls after ponies, horse killed

(Photo: MGN)

ST. CLAIR TWP., Ohio - Authorities in Butler County say they're looking for two pit bull dogs after a man says the dogs killed two of his miniature horses and injured a full-size horse so badly, it had to be put down.

Mike Powell says he saw the horrific scene himself when he was walking out of his home to feed the horses, "I was walking through there and I saw the three dogs eating one of the horses. Bella was laying down there by the gate. I immediately ran down there and I had a 9 millimeter on me and I shot it. The other two dogs left. I went down and confirmed Bella was dead."

Powell raises hay on his farm with his cousin, he tells FOX 19 the loss of his animals has been hard to take and said he hasn't slept since it happened last Friday. "It just kills my heart, it's like someone just punched and pulled my innards right out," Powell said.

Butler County Sheriff Richard K. Jones released a statement regarding pit bulls, which he says he's not a fan of, "We tell people to let us know when they see them running around loose. Call the dog catcher or your local police. Don't try to catch them yourself," Jones said.

Powell's cousin, Paul Heusing said this loss has been harder to take than his own parents' passing, "My parents were elderly. I knew they were going to die. It was coming up, I could prepare for it. The minis we had were ripped to shreds and torn up by an animal."

The dogs and their owners have not yet been located.

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