New technology hits Dayton schools for the first time

DAYTON, Ohio (WRGT) -- The new school year brings a change in technology for Dayton public schools. Students in the grades 3-8 got their hands on a shiny new toy when they walked through the doors; personal Chromebook computers.

The new tech is part of Dayton Public School’s (DPS) one-to-one technology initiative launching this school year. The state-of-the-art renaissance will usher DPS into today’s learning environment.

"This is a way to move a child, that may not feel that way towards books, into a love of learning and reading,” said Lisa Keane the Principal at River’s Edge Montessori School, "I would never disregard the quality of a wonderful, actual book, but it's 2016, and there is more too it in this world."

In February, the Ohio Department of Education gave Dayton an “F” on their annual report card. The increase in tech is one move DPS is trying in an effort to raise their level of education.

"Software that will help us provide real time interventions with our students to determine where exactly the reading deficits are, and how we can quickly correct them," said Keane of the program’s effectiveness.

As of now, the thousands of Chromebooks are only available in those select grades. The district is looking into expanding to other grades in the future.

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