New Dayton Public Schools Board says they have a fresh vision for students

New Dayton Public Schools Board says they have a fresh vision for students (WKEF/WRGT)

DAYTON, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) – Dayton Public Schools swore in four new members at their meeting Tuesday night, and they said they have a fresh vision for students.

New member William Harris is the Board President, and John McManus will serve as the Vice President of the group with a lot of ideas on their agenda.

Jocelyn Rhynard, Karen Wick-Gagnet and Mohamed Al-Hamdani were all officially storn in, and while the district has faced several challenges over the years, the board is optimistic they’ll be able to put important decisions back in the hands of teachers, staff and families.

Most recently, DPS established a task force after it was announced three or more of its nearly 30 buildings could close next fall because of declining enrollment.

“I think people are super excited,” Wick-Gagnet said. “I think that we’ve experienced a lot of turbulences within the district, and people are looking for some new energy and some shifts and changes. And just like I said, you know, really focusing on that stabilization and positive leadership.”

The district has not announced any dates for planned meetings in relation to their new task force. After a serious of conversations with community members, the Board does expect to have a recommendation by April 1.

FOX 45’s Shavon Anderson asked about any potential updates with Superintendent Rhonda Corr, who has been on leave. District officials said they haven’t heard anything.

Corr’s legal team postponed a pre-disciplinary hearing scheduled in December. She’s accused of creating a hostile work environment and listing inaccurate information on board documents, among other things.

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