Only on FOX 45: Neighbor comforts teen after mom, brother killed when car slams into home

Only on FOX 45: Neighbor comforts teen after mom, brother killed when car slams into home (WKEF/WRGT)

DAYTON, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) - The woman who helped a crash survivor and called 911 speaks only to FOX 45 about the tragedy.

Crystal English lives across the street from 803 Lilac Avenue in Dayton, a home that police say a car with two suspects inside crashed into, killing two people.

"I don't even know these people and it's eating me alive," English told FOX 45's Kelly May.

English said the scene has wrecked her nerves, overwhelmed with tears as she recounted the scenario.

She said she heard the car screech down Kammer Avenue, then heard it crash into 803 Lilac Avenue Wednesday night.

The Montgomery County Coroner's office has identified the victims as a mother and son, 39-year-old Maria Davis and 7-year-old Jerome Davis.

"I mean it's just my nerves are shot," English said, "This isn't something that happens, like a car goes through a house?"

English said she ran to her front door and saw the hole in her neighbor's front room, when the only survivor, 13-year-old Aaron Davis came running out for help.

"He was just like my mom was in there and my little brother, can you please call somebody," English recalled, "and I was just shaking."

For the Davis family, this is not the first tragedy.

Family members told FOX 45 Maria Davis and her sons moved to their house on Lilac Avenue after the home on Danner Avenue caught fire in May and the family lost everything.

Dayton Police said they were doing proactive patrols in the area Wednesday night when they spotted the suspect car that sped away and crashed.

Police said they did not initiate a pursuit, and the car had already crashed into the house when they arrived on scene, but said Kesean Parks, 24, was arrested when he ran from the scene.

A spokeswomen for Dayton Police confirmed they are looking for one additional suspect who was believed to have also been in the car at the time it crashed into the house.

"To the one that's out there, turn yourself in because this is ridiculous," English said.

Thursday evening, a small memorial had started to grow outside the Davis' house, and workers were boarding it up.

English said the only thing calming her nerves, "This is somebody I never met and now I'm gunna be in their lives forever."

"So I was glad to be his angel," she continued.

Dayton police said they found a gun and drugs inside the suspect's car.

Victim Jerome Davis, 7, was a student at Edison elementary, and according to family members just celebrated his birthday during Thanksgiving week.

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