Neighborhood watch group wants problem strip club shut down

Neighborhood watch group wants problem strip club shut down (WKEF/WRGT)

HARRISON TOWNSHIP, Ohio (WRGT/WKEF) - A neighborhood watch group wants Plush Gentlemen's Club near their homes gone. That came one day after a 21-year-old woman was killed soon after leaving there. Members of the Northridge Community Watch said the club has caused a lot of problems in the community.

"I would love to see this shut down," said Northridge Community Watch President Josh Engle.

"There are shootings, there are fights, there are people fighting in the parking lot, " said Northridge Community Watch Vice President Sabrina Vaughn.

Residents in the community watch said all the incidents from the club effect the children in the community as well.

"Right across the street there are apartments where kids live, there's a trailer park where kids live, so when they start shooting out here, the bullets have to go somewhere," said Vaughn.

The community watch has been working with the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office which is trying to get Plush's liquor license revoked. Deputies said they've been to the club 80 times this year on different incidents. Back to back fighting incidents, shootings and even a homicide have all occurred at the club. Montgomery County Sheriff's Office Captain Jeremy Roy said the community doesn’t need these types of incidents reoccurring.

"This community does not want this establishment to operate the way it's operating now," said Roy.

The neighbors said they're not necessarily against strip clubs, but they do have a problem with Plush.

"There's other establishments of this kind, within 300 yards that do not have this issue," said Engle.

"The Living Room is functioning just fine without any problems versus Plush where there are problems all the time nonstop," said Vaughn.

Members of the community just hope that more neighbors will join their fight. Harrison Township Resident Sally Elam said she wants more neighbors to get involved.

"Flood the prosecutor's office with phone calls, letters, flood the liquor control board with phone calls, letters. You know, make your voices heard," said Elam.

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