Neighbor speaks about the deadly Springfield house fire

Neighbor speaks about the deadly Springfield house fire (WRGT/WKEF)

SPRINGFIELD, Ohio (WRGT/WKEF)- It was a truly sad sight on the Wiley Avenue in Springfield where a house was burnt to the ground. The house went up in flames early Sunday morning. Even firefighters said when they arrived to the scene, not much could’ve been done.

FOX 45 spoke with a neighbor Desiree Hitch, who has lived in her home for 3 years.

“By the time anybody got a chance to get here the roof collapsed. And it went so quick, nobody could stop it.” said Hitch.

Hitch was coming home from work when she saw the house in a blaze.

“I just came home from work, got off around 12:30,” said Hitch,” It felt like I was standing right next to a camp fire. It was burning my skin so bad.”

The fire was so big, it even damaged Hitch’s garage next door. Hitch said it was terrifying to see how quickly the fire spread.

“It’s just so crazy how quick things can happen. It was kind of scary and shocking, they thought it was going to travel through the tree lines and catch the rest of these places on fire.” said Hitch.

The fire that engulfed the house, also claimed the lives of a couple who lived in the home.

“They were an older couple, they seemed really nice. Nobody bothered them, they stuck to themselves. I mean people helped them out around here.” said Hitch.

Hitch said that the man who lived in the home had just recovered from a heart attack and just got home a few days before the fire.

“He had surgery, he had just had a heart attack so he just got home from the hospital a few days prior to the fire. “said Hitch.

Fire Chief of the Springfield Fire Department Brian Miller said the cause of the fire is still unknown. Hitch said the whole incident is very tragic.

“I feel bad because it was a bad tragedy Sunday morning. This couple didn’t ask for this to happen to them.” said Hitch.

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