National Adoption Day highlights the need for help in Montgomery County

The Swafford family adopts their third child, fifth total.

DAYTON, Ohio (WRGT/WKEF) – It’s National Adoption Day, and with foster families decreasing in Montgomery County the need for forever homes is growing as roughly 200 Montgomery County children are waiting to be adopted.

Twelve children were adopted in the county as part of the national holiday. Cyndi Swafford and her family are becoming the poster family for fostering and adopting in the Miami Valley. They welcomed their fifth child, and third adoption.

“His heartbeat synced with mine and in that moment, I knew something was different,” Swafford said in court about her newest son Judah.

The family has gained national notoriety after being asked to come to the White House, and standing on stage with President Donald Trump. The family has fostered a dozen children with some being born exposed to opioids, including two of their oldest children.

“We are grateful to have them as an advocate,” said Jewell Good with Montgomery County Children’s services, “Even the attitude and the mindset at which they approach fostering.”

The Swafford’s admit Judah will likely not be their last adoption, but for Latisha Heath it’s her start. The new mother adopted her first child on Friday.

“From the first moment I saw her she instantly ran up to me, and I instantly gave her a hug,” Heath said of her now daughter Janette, “From there, we were meant for each other.”

“We know that kids who are raised in families do better than kids who emancipate out of our system,” Good said.

Over the past few years Montgomery County Children’s services has seen a 24% reduction in foster families. If you want to help, just call 937-224-KIDS (5437).

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