Multiple properties severely damaged after severe weather rolls through Clifton

Multiple properties severely damaged after possible tornado rolls through Clifton (WKEF/WRGT)

CLIFTON, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) - Clifton residents say a tornado is to blame for extensive damage to homes, barns and properties.

The National Weather Service plans to survey the area Wednesday to determine if the damage may have been caused by the tornado spotted by police in nearby South Charleston.

“It’s devastating, there's nothing else to say about it,” Clifton resident John Richardson said.

Two barns erected in 1861 were reduced to rubble during the storm. Richardson's horses were trapped inside.

“We had a horse pinned in some of the debris you see here on this side and it's just a miracle he made it,” Richardson said.

It escaped with a few bumps and bruises.

Richardson was inside his Clifton home when the storm rumbled through.

“It came across this field over here and it was just like a sheet of white,” Richardson said.

He saw rotation and says the storm came from the direction of South Charleston.

Police there reported a tornado touching down near U-S 42 and Sprague Road.

Scotty Johnson watched it from his basement windows.

“It went from sheets blowing across the yard to this circular motion blowing across the yard,” Johnson said.

Outside his father-in-law's farm animals were in danger. The chickens blew over the fence, but all survived.

The storm left trees toppled in their yard. A common sight throughout the region as people work to cleanup.

“We got a chainsaw, a tractor, it will take some effort and some sunny days, but hopefully those are in our future,” Johnson said.

A few miles away in Clifton, Richardson faces a more extensive fix, losing historic barns but fortunately not his horses.

“You just have to pick up the pieces and see how it all fits together and rebuild I guess,” Richardson said.

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