Mosquito pool in Beavercreek tests positive for West Nile virus

(Photo: MGN)

GREENE COUNTY, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) - Health officials in another county in the Miami Valley say mosquitoes have tested positive for West Nile virus.

Authorities announced Thursday afternoon that a pool of mosquitoes in Greene County have tested positive for the virus. The infected mosquitoes were found in Beavercreek in the neighborhood of North Fairfield Road, Hanes Road, Kemp Road and Suburban Drive. Health officials in Greene County say they're been monitoring adult mosquitoes in surrounding communities. Health officials have been trapping mosquitoes since May and will be continuing until October. Spraying will be done Thursday night 30 minutes after sunset and will continue until midnight in the area where the infected mosquitoes were found.

Jeff Webb, Director of Environmental Health Services said his office is telling the community to protect themselves.

News of mosquitoes testing positive for the virus comes on the heels of infected mosquitoes found in a second location in Miami County. Mosquitoes have also tested positive for West Nile in Vandalia.

Residents are being told to protect themselves by wearing mosquito repellent outside, avoiding outdoor activities during peak mosquito times (dusk to dawn), wearing long sleeve shirts and long pants while outside and emptying standing water.

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