More nuisance animals expected around your home this year

MIAMI VALLEY, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) - Jacob Barnes has been getting rid of critters and rodents for about five years and said winter is usually the slow time, but that's not the case this year.

"It's been pretty much nonstop. We had a slow period in early January when we had a cold spell but since then it's pretty much been from morning until dark," Barnes ,who started Barnes Wildlife Control, said.

He said it just takes a small hole for an animal to get into your house.

"They'll urinate and defecate up there and cause quite a mess and the smell can get kind of atrocious. The squirrels this time of year, they're in there quite often breeding and chewing on your wires and can cause a lot of extensive damage," Barnes said.

He also said he's already seeing the effects of the warmer than usual winter, and his crew is already seeing newborn animals with their moms.

"Animals are breeding earlier than normal. I wouldn't say months earlier but it's definitely weeks, maybe a month earlier," Barnes said.

He said that means he's going to have a very busy spring and summer.

"A lot of animals, the weak survived that normally wouldn't have and there's just going to be an overabundance of them this year from bats to snakes all the way up to the bigger animals like raccoons and coyotes," Barnes said.

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