Montgomery County drinking water notice

Montgomery County drinking water notice (WKEF/WRGT)

DAYTON, Ohio (WKEF-WRGT)- A notice was mailed to people in Montgomery County saying the county did not meet the proper requirements when monitoring PH levels in the public drinking water.

Montgomery County Environmental Services communications coordinator Brianna Wooten said the water is safe to drink.

“PH is not a water contaminate. There’s nothing wrong with the water quality. Your water is safe to drink.” said Wooten.

PH stands for potential hydrogen and is a secondary-water indicator. The county said certain P-H levels can be a sign of potential contamination, particularly involving lead or copper.

“It could be an indicator for if there are some other issues in the system,” added Wooten. “It’s important to know we do not have any issues in our system with lead and copper or PH.”

This notice was a matter of getting on the same page with the Ohio EPA determining PH values. Environmental services said PH values can fluctuate.

“It varies throughout the system and actually varies what Dayton provides to us because they are a water provider,” added Wooten. “We buy all of our water from the city of Dayton, which treats it and we provide that water to our customers.”

The tap water may be safe to drink. However, some Montgomery county residents didn’t think twice about the notice because they still don't trust the water.

“Got a post card reading that the PH levels weren’t up to par, said Montgomery County resident, Steven Roe. “I didn’t give it much thought regarding the health risks because we don’t drink the water.”

Lifelong Montgomery county resident, Gary Hardin said, “I didn’t think much about it. I don’t drink the water anyway. I drink bottle water. I haven’t trusted the water for years. I’ve always been weary drinking the water.”

Even though some residents aren’t trusting, environmental services assured that they are working with the Ohio EPA and trying to stay proactive.

“There’s nothing wrong with the PH levels currently in the water, nothing wrong with the testing right now,” said Wooten. “We are in full compliance with the EPA.”

If you live in Montgomery county and have any concerns regarding your drinking water, visit this website.

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