Miami Valley advocates say Weinstein allegations highlight troubling trend

Miami Valley advocates say Weinstein allegations highlight troubling trend (WKEF/WRGT)

DAYTON, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) - Have you ever been cat-called?

Felt uncomfortable after a passing touch? Who would you tell, and what would you do?

Caitlin Bentley, Sexual Violence Program Manager with the YWCA Dayton, can help.

"I think that being believed is of utmost importance to a lot of folks," Bentley told Fox 45's Shavon Anderson.

The entire program is aimed at putting power in the hands of survivors. She thinks the latest allegations of out Hollywood, highlight a troubling culture.

"Powerful people who abuse that power because they don't think anyone is ever going to call them out," she said.

As story after story, even audio tapes, evolve surrounding producer Harvey Weinstein, Bentley believes a positive movement is growing.

"This is something that has been brought to the forefront and out of the shadows in such a way that it has momentum on it," she said. "People are not only outraged, they're finding a sense of solidarity."

One of the most eye-opening examples is found on social media: a post by writer Anne Donahue.

"She posed the question to twitter, 'When did you meet your Harvey Weinstein?"

The post got thousands of responses, with jaw-dropping confessions from everyday women, who never shared before.

Bentley said if happens to you, know you're in control of your options. Try to put what happened into context, one step at a time. File a report, or visit the ER if necessary, and know there are plenty of resources to help you through.

"There are people in their corner, who are there for them, who have their back."

The YWCA points to actor Terry Crews, who recently revealed he was sexually assaulted. More men need to come forward and share their stories.

YWCA Dayton provides confidential services that are available 24-hours a day, 365 days a year, free to victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, human trafficking, and other forms of intimate partner and gender-based violence. YWCA Dayton 24/7 Crisis and Domestic Violence Hotline: 937-222-SAFE (7233). In Preble County: 937-456-6891.

Survivors can also reach out to the Montgomery County Victim / Witness Division. The Victim / Witness Division provides 24-hour crisis-intervention, support and informational services to those affected by violent crime. Call 937-225-5623.

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