Man diffuses confrontation at Eastgate gas station with cell phone video

    Man diffuses confrontation at Eastgate gas station with cell phone video (WKRC)

    EASTGATE, Ohio (WKRC) - A dispute at a gas station quickly escalates and a man who starts rolling video intervenes to prevent it from getting worse.

    That dispute started over who got to a gas pump first. Things may have turned violent, but a bystander decided to grab his cell phone, start video rolling, and get involved.

    Road rage is a common occurrence on the highways, but rage is also becoming more common in parking lots and gas pumps.

    An Adams County man may have diffused a situation by rolling video on his cell phone on Wednesday.

    Larry Caldwell shot cell phone video of this confrontation between a woman and an elderly couple at the UDF in Eastgate South Drive. He says the dispute was over a gas pump.

    Caldwell says he didn’t hesitate to roll video on his cell phone.

    The woman who confronted Caldwell is identified as Jessica Becker. She was charged with disorderly conduct. The older woman, who was confronted at the gas pumps, told Caldwell she had just undergone surgery.

    Union Township Police Sgt. Eric Williams says if you're a witness to such a confrontation, that cell phone video is good evidence.

    As the confrontation continued, Caldwell called police.

    Caldwell says he doesn't regret intervening on the couple's behalf and says that when police arrived, the elderly woman just tugged at his arm and cried. He says he lost it on the way home. He says that he had to get involved.

    Police say if someone tries to engage you in a similar confrontation, try to distance yourself and call 911.

    Jessica Becker, who has been charged with disorderly conduct, has convictions for domestic violence and obstruction of justice.

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