Local schools have safety in mind as classes resume


BEAVERCREEK, Ohio (WRGT) -- FOX 45 is looking at some districts' security measures to prevent tragedy.

We spoke to three districts: Troy, Springfield and Beavercreek.

All three told Reporter Elyse Coulter their top priority is your child's safety.

"All the buildings now are locked down. So when school starts all our doors are locked," said Eric Herman, Superintendent of Troy City Schools.

As you walk up to any building in Troy, you have to be buzzed in and identify yourself, before you even step in the door.

"Parents and visitors have to come through a locked door. They have a buzz-in system, they have to push a buzzer. The office can see who it is, they'll ask who it is and let them in if it's appropriate," said Herman.

All teachers must wear an ID with a key FOB that lets them in.

"We cut down a lot of flow into our buildings to cut down who gets into our buildings," said Herman.

It's the same process in Springfield.

"You want to know who's in your school, you want to know what their purpose is," said Dr. Robert Hill, Superintendent of Springfield City Schools.

Dr. Hill tells us his district is compliant with the state's mandate to turn in school safety plans.

"We generally don't disclose any of the information contained within those plans," said Dr. Hill. "That could allow an outside threat to have some pre-planned method of entry, some pre-planned method of carrying out whatever act might occur."

That's the case for all three districts we spoke to, including Beavercreek City Schools, where they have several drills a year.

"We want to make sure we've done everything we can to be as good as we can to protect our kids and our staff," said Paul Otten, Superintendent of Beavercreek City Schools.

One difference for Beavercreek: Every classroom is equipped with what they call a "go bag" with first aid equipment.

"Putting all kinds of pieces in this bag, so that worst-case scenario you would have something to react to a situation," said Otten.

All three districts we spoke to say they have cameras situated in areas inside and outside their buildings.

All also lock their doors during school hours.

And all are compliant with the state's requirement to have school safety plans in place.

We reached out to the Ohio Department of Education who tells us since last year school safety plans are no longer public record.

They tell us that's for the safety of teachers, staff and especially students.

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