Letters of support filed for Jessica Langford, including from her husband

Letters of support filed for Jessica Langford, including from her husband (File: WKEF/WRGT)

MIAMISBURG, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) - More than 100 pages of support were filed for Jessica Langford ahead of her sentencing next week.

Langford was a teacher at Miamisburg Middle School, but resigned soon after accusations of misconduct were made against her. She was in court in April, and was found guilty on all six counts, including unlawful sexual content with a minor and sexual battery as a teacher.

She was caught on school surveillance with the 14-year-old victim, who then gave graphic testimony in her case.

Langford is facing a maximum ten-year prison sentence, and tier three sex offender registration. Her supporters have asked for probation inside, including Langford's husband.

He wrote, in part, "she's my backstop and the cornerstone of our family and this household. The bond that [our 4 year old] and Jess share is unlike any other, and there are things Jess can provide and teach [her] that I simply cannot. We would both be lost without her."

Langford's supporters said she doesn't have a spot on her record, apart from this case.

FOX 45 News investigated after the charges were brought against her, and found that Miamisburg City School had a list of warning signs that dated back to more than a year before her arrest. The so-called "Red File" was not a part of her personnel file, but did contain nine concerns that the principal and other administrators noted and reprimanded her for.

Those concerns include two male students having daily closed door lunches in Langford's classroom, alleged "flirting" with male students and sitting on one male student's lap.

She is set to be sentenced on Tuesday. FOX 45 News will be there and will bring you the latest on air and online.

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