Legal battle brews as DPS sues OSHAA for kicking Dunbar out of playoffs

Legal battle brews as DPS sues OSHAA for kicking Dunbar out of playoffs (WKEF/WRGT)

DAYTON, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) - High school basketball players caught in the crosshairs as a legal battle brews.

Dayton Public Schools is suing the Ohio High School Athletic Association for kicking Dunbar out of the playoffs.

The issue at play is Dunbar's response to a bench clearing fight in January. The OHSAA says seven junior varsity players left the bench. OHSAA spokesman Tim Stried says rules requires a two game suspension for each.

“Those 7 players that came off the bench didn't serve any suspension at all, they never missed any games,” Stried said.

OHSAA claims the district played one of those ineligible players in a recent varsity tournament game. For that reason, Dunbar was kicked out of the tournament.

Dayton Schools says the decision has no factual or legal basis.

Friday DPS filed a lawsuit against OHSAA, claiming the ineligible student wasn't involved in that January fight.

The lawsuit says the association's decision is motivated by spite, ill will and a desire to do harm to Dayton students.

The district remains tight lipped.

“I don’t have a comment on that at this point in time,” Superintendent Dr. Elizabeth Lolli said at a press conference Thursday.

OHSAA stands by its decision.

The school district hopes this injunction will resolve the issue quickly.

The playoff game Dunbar was kicked out of has been rescheduled while both sides wait for a judge's decision.

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