Law to change opiate prescribing guidelines in Ohio,"Daniel's Law," introduced in Columbus

Scott Weidle is working to increase treatment and give those who suffer from addiction more options. His son, Daniel, lost his battle with heroin addiction. (Photo: Scott Weidle)

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) - A bill that would make changes to opiate prescribing guidelines in Ohio is being introduced today by lawmakers in Columbus.

The bill, SB 119, better known as Daniel's Law is named in honor of Daniel Weidle of Germantown who died of an overdose. Fox 45's Kelly May has been following this story and spoke with Daniel's father, Scott, "for Ohio not to follow the CDC guidelines is negligence," Weidle said in an interview earlier this month.

WEB EXCLUSIVE: Gone too soon, Daniel's story

Weilde said his son was trying to find a new doctor to continue prescribing his life saving Vivitrol shot that kept him clean from opiate use. The law, introduced today and named in his son's honor would limit the number of opiates doctors can prescribe. It would also make doctors who prescribe opiates also offer medications to help addicts get off their prescriptions.

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine issued a statement this morning as the bill was getting ready to be introduced, "Opiates are powerful drugs that treat pain, but we now know how addictive they are. By following the CDC’s recommendations, I believe we will help curb the potential for medication to be abused and for Ohioans to become addicted,”he said.


Daniel's Law was sponsored by Senators Bob Hackett (R-London) and Jay Hottinger (R-Newark).

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