Kettering Police release video of deadly officer-involved shooting

Kettering Police release video of deadly officer-involved shooting. (Photo: Kettering Police)

KETTERING, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) - A man shot and killed by Kettering Police told a person he "would die" before going back to prison and would "take out any cop that he had to," police say.

In a news conference Friday morning, Chief Chip Protsman said that information was given to police in a sworn statement. Protsman said the individual learned that the suspect in the officer-involved shooting, Jason Hoops, started carrying a gun a few months ago.

Police have released dash camera video of the shooting that happened Sunday, August 27 in the area of Bataan Drive and Craig Drive. Officer Jonathon McCoy pulled the vehicle over for not signaling while changing lanes. In the video, you see Officer McCoy standing at the passenger side of the vehicle. Chief Protsman said the investigation has shown that Hoops had a gun in his front right pants pocket and that the grip of the gun was sticking out.

During the stop, Officer McCoy can be heard telling Hoops six times to get his hands up, six times to put his hands on the dash, four times not to move, two times not to reach for his gun, two times not to 'do anything stupid', and four times to relax. Protsman said Officer McCoy did reach into the van and put his hand on Hoops' arm so he didn't reach for his gun. In the video you can also hear what the passengers in the van are saying, Chief Protsman says the female passenger in the van can be heard telling Hoops to do what Officer McCoy is telling him, a person in the backseat also says "Jason please don't do it," and "it's just not worth it."

WARNING: Video contains strong language.

After the first round of shots are fired, Officer McCoy calls for backup and backs away from the vehicle. He then continues talking to Hoops and fires again. Chief Protsman says the investigation has found that Hoops looked at Officer McCoy then his hand went down toward his gun.

The investigation is ongoing and Officer McCoy is still on administrative leave, which is standard. However, "From what I've seen in this video, I'm pretty confident saying this officer did a very good job," Chief Protsman said. Protsman was asked about if the department will be looking into the use of bodycameras, but he says he's satisfied with cruiser cameras and is not looking into using bodycameras at this time. "I think that we've seen in other incidents around the country that those don't always help as well, it's not like having a videocamera right there that you're going to be able to see what's going on, it causes problems as well." Officers have to have the cruiser cameras on whenever they make contact with citizens and have to have their microphones on.

Counseling has been offered to Officer McCoy, other officers at the scene and the family of Officer McCoy. Once the investigation is complete, it will be presented to a prosecutor then a grand jury, which will decide if the shooting was justified. McCoy will likely stay on administrative leave until the investigation is complete, Protsman said.

Hoops was a convicted felon and as such, Protsman said he should not have been carrying a gun in the first place.

LISTEN: Dispatch traffic from Kettering officer-involved shooting.

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