KEEPING FAMILIES SAFE: Your Family Needs an Emergency Binder

MIAMI VALLEY -- If there was an emergency, such as a fire, tornado or chemical leak, and you had to evacuate your home would you be able to quickly grab all your essential personal information? Chances are, probably not.

Anchor Deborah Linz tells you how keep your family safe by creating an emergency grab-and-go binder.

When there's a fully-involved fire like this one over the summer in Sugarcreek Township there often isn't much time to get out alive, much less grab any essential information.

"It's just kind of peace of mind," says Tami Doling.

Doling, a professional organizer, encourages everyone to have an emergency binder.

"This is my emergency family binder," Doling said.

The binder keeps vital family information in one place.

Doling said she keeps the following items in her binder:
CDs of important family pictures,
Household inventory of items in each room of the house
Important contacts (including doctors and family members)
Social Security cards
Original birth certificates
Child custody documents

Doling said that in case people become separated, each family member should have a separate page with descriptions, such as height, weight, eye color, any allergies and a recent photo.

Make copies of the front and back of credit cards.

"I can call the numbers on the back. I have the account numbers still and get them all canceled," Doling said, "in case they were lost or stolen."

Also list all bank accounts, including user names and passwords.

And don't forget about your pets. Sometimes in the chaos of a disaster animals run away. Make sure to have veterinarian information and a photo available to share during the search.

Doling says it takes about two hours to get all the documents together. It may seem like a lot of work but how much is your peace of mind?

Doling also recommends a grab-and-go backpack for emergencies as well.


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