Keeping Families Safe: Bicyclists asking drivers to be aware and share the road

Bicyclists asking drivers to be aware and share the road (WKEF/WRGT)

KEEPING FAMILIES SAFE: The Miami Valley has a huge cycling community, particularly in Dayton, exploring the 330 miles of trails between Cincinnati and Cleveland.

But road cyclists said some motorists consider then a nuisance and are putting their lives in danger.

Friends and avid cyclists Jamie Raddin and David Cox are passionate cyclists, and said they love the freedom, exercise and commotion.

They hit the road several times a week, but said vehicles are coming way too close to hitting them.

Jamie and David’s cycling friend Jeremy Grimm died earlier in August in an accident. He was an elite cyclist, husband and father of two girls.

“A truck driving over 60 miles an hour decides not to stop at a sign, and…” Jamie said, describing the crash. He had to stop, overwhelmed by tears.

In response, Jamie and other cyclists are now resorting to putting cameras on their bikes as they promote awareness more than ever.

Bicycles are considered vehicles, and have a legal right to be on the road. According to a recently passed Ohio law, motorists are required to give cyclists at least 3 feet of clearance while passing.

“To be fair, probably more than 90 percent of people we encounter get it right,” David said, “and will take the time and give us the space. The problem is that percent that don’t.”

That includes an RTA bus that Mike Bayer said came within six inches of his handlebars. The Greater Dayton RTA released a statement in regards to the incident, saying in part, “This is beyond acceptable as safety is our number one priority. We train our operators to maintain a safe distance while driving as well as how to operate around cyclists. We are currently looking into this event and will address it immediately.”

Jamie said he often rides with his 11-year-old daughter, and just wants drivers to respect the rights of cyclists to be on the road, be aware and be patient, so more tragedies can be prevented.

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