Keeping Families Safe: Bicycling safety

Keeping Families Safe: Bicycling safety (WKEF/WRGT)

KEEPING FAMILES SAFE: With the warmer months now in full swing, everyone is looking for a way to get outside and soak up some sun. Anyone who decides to go out and jump on a bike for a few hours should keep a couple safety tips in mind.

Jamie Raddin is an avid cyclist and owner of Logik Fitness in Centerville, and he said a big safety problem he sees in young and old is ill fitting helmets.

“Because if they were to take a frontal head impact this helmet gets pushed right off the back of their head," he said.

So make sure your bike helmet is comfortable but secure.

Jamie also said in an emergency when you need to stop quickly, using your left front break may save your life. A cyclist friend of his died after slamming into a dump truck.

“He applied all rear brake laid down 30-foot skid line across the road, went head first into the dump truck rolled underneath the truck rolled over him and crushed him to death," Jamie said.

The majority of the population is right handed and will naturally grab the right rear brake. In a demonstration going about 20 miles an hour, Jamie applies the rear brake with his right hand and it takes him about 50 feet to stop, but then using the left hand front brake he stops in just 16 feet.

“In an emergency situation, you want to use your left hand which is primary your front break and you have to move your weight backwards off the saddle.”

Putting your weight back off the saddle will help prevent from flipping forward.

According to Ohio state law, cyclists are considered vehicles so remember to obey the rules of the road and stop at all stop signs and red lights. And proper hand signals are important to keep you safe.

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