Kasich welcomes legal immigrants to Ohio with executive order

Kasich welcomes legal immigrants to Ohio with executive order (Photo: courtesy John Kasich Facebook)

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) - With a stroke of the pen, Governor John Kasich hopes to make it easier for legal immigrants to more successfully become part of Ohio and find jobs here.

Kasich signed an executive order Tuesday, creating the Office of Opportunities for New Americans and Advisory Committee. Kasich said Ohio was built by immigrants and in order to continue building, he said the state needs "new people from wherever we can find them."

The newly created office will be inside the Ohio Development Services Agency and according to Kasich, will ensure that legal immigrants will be able to successfully integrate in communities. The advisory committee will be made up of 12 members including those who are right now engaging with immigrants in the private sector, non-profit community and government.

The state now has a new website that will help new immigrants with state programs. Kasich said have legal immigrants in Ohio is necessary as the state is one of the country's top job creators, "The Buckeye State is a great, welcoming place to work and raise a family, and whether you are from Indiana or India, New England or Old England, we want you in Ohio."

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