Fire Ball maker cites corrosion as cause of Ohio State Fair accident

The maker of the Fire Ball said excessive corrosion caused the accident that killed 18-year-old Tyler Jarrell. (WSYX/WTTE file photo)

KMG, the maker of the Fire Ball, said its investigation found that excessive corrosion led to the accident that killed Tyler Jarrell at the Ohio State Fair.

The statement, posted to KMG Europe's Facebook page, said corrosion on the interior of the support beam reduced the beam's thickness and that's what led to the accident at the Ohio State Fair.

KMG's statement said the investigation involved a review of video footage and a metallurgical inspection of the ride. That's when they found the corrosion that had built up in the 18 years the ride had been active.

The accident on fair opening day killed 18-year-old Jarrell and injured seven more people.

Jarrell's family hired lawfirm Kitrick, Lewis & Harris to file a wrongful death suit.

Attorney Mark Kitrick expressed outraged KMG conducted an inspection of the Fire Ball without their knowledge.

"They never told us they were coming in from overseas. Never once invited us and shame on the state and the company for keeping the family, the victims and their lawyers out of this process," said Kitrick.

Kitrick said his firm plans on finding out their own answers into what happened on July 26th. His firm has hired Introtech to investigate and reconstruct the accident to find out the answers they're looking for.

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