"It just looked like such a massive storm;" Couple comes to Miami Valley to avoid Irma

The Elkens came to stay with their son, FOX 45 anchor Erik Elken and their grandson, Avery (WKEF/WRGT)

DAYTON, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) - FOX 45 anchor Erik Elken's parents made an unexpected trip to the Miami Valley to see their son and grandson, as well as to get out of the path of Hurricane Irma.

"It just looked like such a massive storm that it really didn't matter which track it was going to take, that the whole of Florida was going to get impacted," Kathleen Elken said.

FOX 45's Christian Hauser talked with Elken's mother, Kathleen.

She said they decided to leave early Wednesday morning.

"We just thought, we're going to lose power. It's going to hit the whole state. Better to get out while we could," Elken said.

Kathleen wanted to try and fill up before hitting the road.

"There were gas lines already starting early in the day. Supermarkets were out of water immediately, bottled water," Elken said.

She planned ahead and already had a hurricane supply box.

Fast forward 1,100 miles north on I-75.

The couple gets to spend time with their grandson, Avery. She said it was bittersweet spending time with their grandson, while worrying about friends in Florida.

"It was a very emotional day yesterday waiting and waiting just to hear what's going on," Elken said.

She said they had friends who stayed in the general area.

"They did get back this morning. We were actually spared flooding in the house which was great to hear," Elken said.

While they have the cutest distraction in the world, she says it's been difficult to see the video and pictures come in from the Sunshine state.

"As hard as it was to watch it from afar, I can't imagine being there and living through it," Elken said.

She said the plan is to get as many hugs and cuddles in with Avery and then head off to the northeast to stay and visit with family until the power gets turned back on, which could be weeks from now.

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