Investigators return to Sugarcreek MetroPark to search for Chelsey Coe

Investigators return to Sugarcreek MetroPark to search for Chelsey Coe (WKEF/WRGT)

GREENE COUNTY, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) - Investigators have returned to Sugarcreek MetroPark for a second day to search for a missing Miamisburg woman, Chelsey Coe.

Agents from the FBI, Ohio BCI and Miamisburg Police began searching at the park Tuesday morning. Detective Sergeant Jeff Muncy with Miamisburg Police says investigators recently received information that Coe was in the area of the park in June of 2017, not long before she was reported missing in September, "throughout the investigation, we followed up on every lead that we could and that led us here today to the park," he said.

Earlier this year in May, another lead send investigators to a property on Lower Miamisburg Road. That day crews drilled through concrete slabs in the backyard and searched a crawl space under the front porch as well as a vehicle. Det. Sgt. Muncy said at this time there is a person of interest, but he said investigators are looking into "several different people."

On Wednesday afternoon, FBI authorities told FOX45 the search would continue Thursday due to the size of the park. Muncy wouldn't elaborate on what specific information led crews to search Sugarcreek MetroPark, "there's nothing concrete that says she's here, this is just one lead that we're investigating and we're trying to do it thoroughly, to find her."

It's been nearly a year since Coe was reported missing, while Muncy said it's unlikely she's alive, he said there's always a possibility. Coe's mother, Shula Woodworth talked with FOX45 over the phone Wednesday, saying she just wants closure, "I'd be shocked if you know, after all this time," Woodworth said. "It saddens my heart to think that. You've got to think reality." Muncy said many of the investigators working to find Coe are parents themselves, "they know a parent's love and they'd hate to have their kid not know what happen to them," he said.

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