Inmate police say could 'potentially be a threat' walks away from work release program

Police say if you see Charles Helton, call 911. (Photo: Riverside Police)

RIVERSIDE, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) - Authorities are searching for an inmate they say walked away Wednesday morning from his work release detail.

Police say Charles Helton was taking part in the STOP Program, which is a program designed for inmates to transition. Major Matt Sturgeon, from Riverside Police says inmates who participate in the program are "deemed eligible to get out and start working their way back toward society, that didn't work."

Helton was wearing an orange jumpsuit at the time he ran off from the program in the area of Eastwood Metropark. Helton was originally arrested for an Aggravated Robbery incident from May 2016. Maj. Sturgeon says if you see him, call 911, "he definitely could potentially be a threat."

"If we don't capture them right away, then a warrant would be issued for the arrest of this person," Sturgeon said.

The program has been cracking down, and now charges escapees with a class III felony. The program's director said the change has cut down on the amount of people running away.

Riverside Police, Dayton Police and officers from Eastwood Metroparks are currently looking for Helton.

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