"I just wanted to cry," DPS parents react to growing allegations against superintendent

    DPS parents react to growing allegations against superintendent (WKEF/WRGT)<p>{/p}

    DAYTON, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) - Parents in Dayton Public Schools are talking to FOX 45 about the growing allegations against superintendent Rhonda Corr.

    "We may end up moving districts in the near future,” said Janine Jenista, though she thinks it’s a last option.

    Jenista wonders whether the good outweighs the bad when it comes to her kids’ education. She has a 6th grader, one in 5th and a preschooler who starts next year. Right now, the scandal surrounding the district is too much to take in.

    "When I saw more allegations, I just wanted to cry,” she told FOX 45’s Shavon Anderson.

    For her, looking at the administration and staff is like night and day. She’s frustrated with the lack of leadership.

    "Especially when I go into my kids' classrooms and see amazing teachers, who love these kids and are working so hard,” she said.

    The positivity she gets from building staff, she said, are counteracted with a barrage of bombshell accusations that have been surfacing since Corr was hired.

    Jenista, a former teacher in another state and area substitute, sensed problems month after Corr started, when there were immediate talks of districtwide-staff cuts. Months later, she was disappointed in contract negotiations with the Dayton Education Association.

    "I'm discouraged that our board offered her a two-year contract before the teacher negotiations were even finished,” Jenista said. “She hadn’t proven herself yet.”

    Jenista hasn’t given up on DPS yet.

    "I think we have an amazing school district, and I think we have a lot of potential,” she said. “If things do come to light that there are truths in these allegations, that there will be some very serious consequences."

    FOX 45 also talked to Charlotte McGuire, the local representative on the Ohio Board of Education. McGuire declined to speak on the allegations against Corr, until they are resolved. However, she told Fox 45 she’s looking into the district’s recent report card, and wants transparency within the district.

    Next week, McGuire plans to visit with teachers at Stivers.

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