Hundreds get free food in Dayton area lacking grocery stores

    Hundreds get free food in Dayton area lacking grocery stores(WRGT/WKEF)<p>{/p}

    DAYTON, Ohio (WRGT/WKEF) - Hundreds lined up for another free food giveaway, this time it was in an area of Dayton lacking grocery stores. More than 500 people spent part of their Saturday waiting in line to get the free food. In an area labeled a food desert, where it's hard for residents to get produce and other food they need.

    The long line went around the corner as people waited to get free food. Without the food pantries assistance, some said they would be eating at a soup kitchen or barely making ends meet.

    "It's pretty important to us because everybody ,get to tell each other, we all get to meet up grab a few things, pretty helpful," said James Johnson. ""It really means a lot to my family to put food on the table when I don't got it."

    Five-hundred-seventy-nine people were able to get every thing from chicken strips, pasta, spaghetti, bread, milk, potatoes, cake and more. Theresa Porcelli from Germantown attended the food giveaway because she needed a little extra assistance.

    "We heard about this place and we needed help so I came," said Theresa Porcelli , "We are a country that is sending a lot of product to other countries instead of our own and we really need to start feeding our own and helping our own."

    Middletown resident Victoria McGinnis is raising her grandchilden and could use the extra food.

    "These people are wonderful for doing what they're doing. They're going to spots where nobody would go and helping communities," said Victoria McGinnis.

    "With God's Grace" was giving out the food on the west side of Dayton because it's hurting since two big grocers moved out of the neighborhood. Executive Director at "With God's Grace" Nicole Adkins said even when residents go to another grocery store, it's not at the same price they are use to.

    "Plus another thing when they go to the grocery stores the food they're getting now is costing more than what they were paying at Aldi so their budget has stretched and they have to pay for bus fare" said Adkins.

    Some residents said finding transportation to the closest grocery store has been issue.

    "Since Aldi closed up, we don't have any where to go other than Kroger but then I have to get a ride to get to places," said Johnnie Webb.

    This food giveaway was at the Drexel Church of the Nazarene.

    "We just want to be able, With God's Grace to be able to just show them we love them and that we're here for them during the hardship and we're not going to let them go hungry," said Adkins.

    There's another free food giveaway Monday evening. August 13, 2018 at Miamisburg First Church of the Nazarene on Richard Street from 6 until 7:30.

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