Home of Ohio serial killer demolished

Home of Ohio serial killer demolished (Photo: WEWS via CNN Newsource)

ASHLAND, Ohio - It was a sight neighbors have waited years to see, the home where Ohio serial killer Shawn Grate strangled two women has been torn down.

People gathered around the home in Ashland to watch as a construction crew tore the home down. The contractor who did the work volunteered to do it for free, as a way to help the community heal, "Watching it come down, to me, is like the end of a bad dream," said Ashland resident Nancy Wasen.

Grate's arrest came after a woman called 911 saying she was being held against her will inside a home. Earlier this month he was sentenced to death for murders.

In place of the home, the mayor of Ashland says he'd like to put a memorial in honor of the victims.

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