High-tech opioid treatment center affiliated with Google to open in Dayton

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    DAYTON, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) - A new non-profit announced Wednesday it will be opening what they call a "tech-enabled system of care" to treat people who suffer from opioid addiction in Dayton.

    OneFifteen said the care will treat substance abuse disorders with a treatment center, rehabilitation housing and "wrap-around services." OneFifteen will be integrated by Verily, an Alphabet company affiliated with Google, and will use analytics to measure how effective the treatments are. Clinical care will be given by a partner of OneFifteen, Samaritan Behavioral Health, Inc., a subsidiary of Premier Health.

    Marti Taylor, president and CEO of OneFifteen said the company is thrilled to launch in Dayton to support the recovery process of the area's residents. "Recovery is not a 28-day process and requires a long-term, holistic approach for success. OneFifteen will offer evidence-based care that addresses the many unmet needs of people in recovery, including vocational training and sober living. By taking a community-based, partnership-driven approach, the OneFifteen ecosystem is working to establish a virtuous cycle of recovery, creating an environment conducive to broader rehabilitation efforts," Taylor said.

    The campus where OneFifteen will provide care is expected to be completed in 2020, but inpatient and outpatient care will begin in the spring of 2019.

    Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley said she is thrilled for OneFifteen to begin operating in the community, "OneFifteen’s focus on continuously learning how to improve addiction treatment aligns closely with our community’s innovative and collaborative approach to this issue [opioid addiction]."

    Kettering Health Network and Premier Health will be part of OneFifteen's data integration models, supporting clinical care while giving input on protocol and care standards.

    OneFifteen will be hosting a virtual press conference Wednesday morning with more information.

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