Here's why you may have heard a loud 'boom' in the Miami Valley on Friday

    (Photo: MGN Online)

    MIAMI VALLEY, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) - Some of you might have heard loud booms outside at different points on Friday.

    Now don't panic - it's not actually something to be concerned about. They were caused by what's called a frost quake, or a cryoseism.


    It takes a specific weather situation for them to happen, and that exact situation developed in the Miami Valley Thursday going into Friday.

    We started out near 60 with lots of rain and water sinking into the group, and then temperatures dropped into the 20's Friday and the teens Friday night, freezing all that water quickly. When water freezes that quickly, it expands rapidly, which can lead to the ground suddenly breaking apart and causing a loud 'boom'.

    If you've caught one on camera or heard one in your area, share it with us here.

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